Tuesday, December 28, 2010

H-A-P-P-Y Birthday

It's my nephews 5th birthday on January 2nd...and his mother asked me to make some sugar cookies for his birthday party at school.  Which of course I was VERY happy to do.  So I made them yesterday...normally I do it over a three day period...but for Trey I did it in one day.  The kicker is that they live in Kansas City so I had to get them done by Tuesday because my brother-in-law was going to be in town and could pick them up. 

So I made dough, rolled, cut, baked, decorated and packaged...and I have to say that Dave helped tie the ribbons on the cookies.  He was very happy...very excited...and very careful.  I told him that I had the exact amount of cookies so he couldn't break any.  And I'm happy to report they are all intact. 

Let's just pray that they don't get eaten by the time he takes them to school next week. My instructions were to put them in the fridge and keep the cookies cool.  Then take them out the night before he is to take them to school so they warm up.  I'm not sure if the directions fell on deaf ears but we'll see.

I had decided to make balloons for his birthday...

Happy Eats!