Sunday, May 19, 2013

Things I forgot to Post

I'm a horrible cookie blogger. 

I guess that's better than being a horrible cookie maker.  Right?

So I may have a few photos to show. I promise it's not that many.  Really.

Here we go...


 maybe I lied about it just being a few pictures.
But at least it beats listening to me rambling.
Happy Cookies!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Arbonne is Going Green

A friend who is also an amazing Arbonne consultant asked if I'd make cookies for a party they were hosting at a convention in Las Vegas.

Note - I started out strong taking pictures but apparently I lost my gusto towards the end.  And forgot to take completely finished cookies.


So here's what I do have.  A little outlining...

Then flooding the cookies happened...with no pictures taken.

And then I started to make the word "green" look as if it were plants growing out of dirt.

Then some logo tracing...

And here's one of the finished cookies...

 I'm happy to report these made it all the way to Las Vegas, after being packed in boxes and bubble wrap and a suitcase!  With I think no breaks.  I think.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

What's in a Background

I was asked to make onesie cookies last week so I thought it'd be the perfect excuse to show how cookies can look on different backgrounds.

Normally, or should I say in the past, I've just put cookies on a white plate and snapped a picture.

That being said - I did have the tools to be able to take a nicer picture. A good camera and a photo box like this help to take great photos...

Except I don't have the side lights.

No biggie.

However I did decide to go get some scrapbook paper that I could use for backgrounds.  I bought a bunch of paper but decide on the three below to test out.

First a little hounds tooth...

Then a little wood grain...

Or some plain baby blue...

My vote is for the wood grain.  I think it makes the cookies pop.

And who wouldn't want to eat poppin' cookies?