Sunday, October 20, 2013

What Do You Get from a Kangaroo & the Number 50?

Another week decorating cookies.

The 50 cookies were for a lovely couple who were celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary.  A little gold airbrushing and some red frosting fun makes for great cookies at a party.

The second set of cookies were because of a bet I lost with friends.  I won't mention the stakes as you can see I lost.  And it was requested that I make a dozen kangaroo cookies.

Challenge accepted.

Difficult, but accepted.

Especially since I didn't have a kangaroo cutter.

But I have a husband I can convince to make one.

And apparently they seemed to work...

Frosting them was a true challenge...mainly because I had zero idea what I wanted to do.

Nothing like going into decorating a cookie blind.

I'm happy to report that they were a hit.

Both sets.

Just another normal week decorating cookies.  Kangaroos and 50's....I wonder what next week will bring?