Thursday, March 27, 2014

It's a Wrap & a Recap - Part 3

It's the final hear the musical theme song too right?

No? Maybe this will refresh your memory. Listen to it while you look at the rest of the pictures from CookieCon.



And sadly, that's all I have.

But it was a great convention.  Who would have thought talking about cookies for four days would be that exciting?!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

It's a Wrap & a Recap - Part 2

So yesterday I showed my first set of photos from the Sugar Art Show - with the promise of sharing more today.

And I will.

After I show some other photos of the CookieCon conference.

Remember "Operation Cookie Takeover?" No? Well, read about it here.

At the opening night kickoff Tasha, who coordinated the project, had taken pictures of the proud recipients of our cookies while she was in Afghanistan.  And she made 500 copies of this picture and passed them out to us that night.  Not to mention she signed the back of each one!

The next day was our first full day of classes - which were amazing.  I didn't take photos of many of the classes because I was too busy paying attention (good, right?), however I did manage to sneak a few in.

These next five were from the presentation done by Angela Rudy with Oh, Sugar Events!  Her website can be found here!

In between cookie classes - I had a break. So I had wanted to find the Nebraska basketball game.  Only I couldn't.  So I ended up listening to it on my phone.

It wasn't awesome.  Mainly because we lost.

And I participated in the cookie cutter swap - I'm pretty excited about what I came home with!

Another class was with Amber Spiegel from SweetAmbs.  Talk about amazing detail.  Seriously fantastic.

And here's where I stopped taking pictures.  I was paying too much attention!

But I did snap a photo on the final day.  It was a dance off between the keynote speaker Arty McGoo and Kip from BRP Box Shop.  You can barely see Arty dancing up front - but what I found entertaining was all of the phones recording or taking pictures.  Technology.  It's amazing.

Now, back to the second set of photos I took of the Sugar Arts Show.

Get excited.

Words can't describe the talent.