Monday, March 23, 2015

Want to go to Prom?

Anyone want to go to prom?

Specifically someone named Sam.

Because if so, I have a cookie for you.

Kidding, I didn't make up a random prom cookie.  That'd be creepy if I did however.  No, it was for a young  gentleman to ask someone to go to prom.  A girl named Sam (if you haven't used your skills of deductive reasoning yet).

He'd seen a picture of something similar online and his mother emailed me to ask it if was something I could do.  I said yes and in under one week I made two sets of cookies.

Not because they wanted two sets, but because my first set I was so ashamed of.  They looked horrible and I couldn't with good conscience let him use to ask Sam to prom.

I  posted this picture to Instagram and you'll notice puzzle pieces.  In theory it was a great idea.  But my decorating wasn't.

The mother had told me that Sam loved the color blue...a girl after my own heart.  For some reason I thought I'd "watercolor" paint on the cookies.

They turned out horrible.  And dumb.  And no one wants to give dumb cookies.

So I started over...baked the cookies again (with two days to spare) and started over.

I've never started over before.  There's a first time for everything.

The second set was much better.  Much.

Another view (the circles are below this time.  I'm proud to provide you with this commentary today).

I'd say what I like even better are the "Sam" and "Prom" cookies.  Darn cute if you ask me.

I never heard if Sam said yes.  How could she not with those cookies?