Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The State War

Sunday, Dave and I along with my brother and the parents of one of our friends (the groom) threw a wedding shower.  My job was to bring desserts...

...I like desserts.

...I like chips too.

Just in case you were wondering.

The bride and groom are from two different states so I decided to do sugar cookies (shocking) in the shape of their home states.  Mike is from Nebraska (yeah!) and Denise (who I'd like to preface that I love dearly - is from California). I like California.  I really do.  But I love Nebraska.

Denise, I'm kidding.  Sunday night Denise spent the entire time hocking her California cookies to prove that everyone loved California better.  Even though everyone in attendance (other than her parents) were Nebraska citizens. 

Either way I think everyone loved the cookies.

And since I can't just go small - I made cupcakes.

I'm not going to lie - they were Duncan Hines Vanilla box mix cupcakes.  I tried to church them up by adding some vanilla bean to the batter and I made buttercream frosting, but I can't take any credit for the acutal cupcake.

On the cookies I used candy hearts to mark each of the respective couples hometown - Lincoln, Nebraska and San Diego, California.  However Dave took it upon himself to place the candy hearts in other locations on the cookies - namely marking the spot where Mike's family has a cabin up near the South Dakota border and where he and Mike spend a lot of time fishing and hunting

Friday, July 15, 2011

Flowers & Worms

A very close friend of mine asked if I'd do cookies for her little boy's birthday this weekend.  I jumped at the chance...not only because I like making cookies but because I love her and her son!

The twist to the cookie making is that these cookies had to be for a little boy AND his 90 year old great-grandma.  Kristen, my friend, came up with a great little ditty that she put on his invites and inspired the cookies I ended up making.

Flowers are pretty, worms are slimy
both are great to celebrate a little boy and his great grandma's birthdays!

So here you can enjoy...flowers, worms, bees and caterpillars. 

Did you notice what I forgot on the caterpillar?  Yeah...his antennas.  Oops.

Happy Birthday Mr. Wyatt!
And Happy Eats to you all...

Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Red, White & Blue Day

Last night in my attempt to bring the 4th of July holiday spirit to our house I got around to baking and decorating some cookies.  It was late and I only got about 1/3 decorated and then unwillingly generously offered those to my husband to take to work to share. 

I've got another 40 or so to decorate this weekend or just eat plain.  Whichever happens first. 

So here they are in all their unedited photo glory...taken at a late evening hour..

Happy Eats!