Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sweetheart Thanks and a Pearl Sheen

I wanted to make some "thank you" cookies for two people and decided I'd just go ahead and make them "Valentine's Thank You" cookies.
Nothing like combining.  Right?

You probably can't tell...but I just used my new pearl sheen in the airbrush.  And I'm in love.

The two hearts below don't have the pearl sheen.  See the difference?

Small but tiny differences.

I love my airbrush.

It just doesn't always love me.  I need to figure out it's tricks.

In the meantime  I think the "Thank You Cookies" will go over very well.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Rock On like it's your birthday

Especially if it's your 4th Birthday.

And you want to be a rockstar.

Because who doesn't right?

A sorority sister of mine asked if I'd make cookies for her daughter's 4th birthday.  More specifically rockstar cookies because she loves music and wants to be in a band.  A rock band.

So I did the best job I could.

And dug out these cutters. In a clockwise circle: guitar, baby rattle, music note, star and rectangle.

I only needed to make two dozen cookies - which was actually hard because I wanted to keep making these cookies. 

I started with the pink and purple.  Outlining.

Then filling them in.

I forgot to take ANY OTHER in progress pictures.  Oops.

So here they are drying.

And drying.

And magically complete.  A little guitar strumming and keyboard playing.

And how can you be in a band without a microphone?

Some music notes.

And Rockstar stars...

I think these will do for a Rockstar 4th Birthday!

Happy Birthday Kylee - I hope you had a rockin' good time!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

January: Cookie of the Month

I made it by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin.

They were delivered yesterday.

Nothing like five days to spare.

So what did I make?

Well, it's kinda weird.

To outsiders.

I made toast, cheese and eggs.

Yes, really.


I was sick of making snowflakes and anything "winter" related.  Thus I thought I'd do something funny.

You see, my grandma is a wonderful cook.  Still is.  Even though she claims she's not.

But since my grandfather passes away over four years ago - she doesn't cook much and eats "whatever is in her fridge." I could tell many funny stories about that. 

She and my grandfather used to go out to eat dinner most evenings.  It was something fun they enjoyed doing and had favorite places to eat.  She still does.

But many times she eats whatever is in her fridge.  And when I ask "so, what'd you do for dinner last night" many of her meals center around toast, eggs (in some form) and cheese.

Hence, nothing better to make her than cookie replicas of her "favorite foods" or I should probably say "most frequent!"

Complete they look pretty great. And I think they taste even better than the real thing.

The sugar version is always better.  Right?

Monday, January 14, 2013

What would you make?

A few weeks ago I saw on Facebook that Cristin of Cristin's Cookies was hosting a cookie cutter mystery challenge.

And it caught my interest.

So I thought why not. I'd be kinda fun. And pressure me to challenge myself.

Cristin designed and made (can you believe it?!) the cookie cutter herself. And it was up to us to come up with a design.

Ugh. My brain said teddy bear, bear or some sort of similar animal. But that was too easy. I wanted to "think outside the cutter" and come up with another idea.

So I stared at it. A lot.

Then I took a picture of it and emailed it to my mom. And said "help."

Ideas ranged from hot air balloon (my idea) to an ornate old key (her) and everything in between. Each a good idea.

Eventually I settled on a robot.

Yeah, totally outside the box for me.

The best part is all the other great designs that people came up with! To see everyone's posts about their cookies you can follow the links below. (Pardon the lack of links...I'm doing this on my iPad and can't figure out this blogging thing!)

Cookie Cutter Challenge - Mystery Cutter – January 2013

#1 Christine at Chris’ Creative Confections

#2 Liz at CookiesToGo

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#4 Michelle at Little Derbyshire Bakery

#5 Stephanie of Sweet Creations by Stephanie

#6 Blanca of Sugarchic Cake Design

#7 Channing of The Cookie Master

#8 Annie of Sweet Details Cookies

#9 Cristin of Cristin’s Cookies

Such a fun challenge...and I had a great time doing it!! Thanks Cristin for doing this!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cookie Cutter 101

Dave made me another cutter.

He's claiming it'll cost me $10.00 because he's started a new business.

A cookie cutter business.

I am apparently his only customer.

I don't really see how this will be financially beneficial?

Robbing Peter to pay Paul.  Or robbing me to pay him.

We had purchased a 3 inch hand seamer...(note: I purchased it with my cookie profits)

He had these tin snips on hand.

And I drew it out to size, after looking online at about 10 different samples.

From here on out I pretty much just took pictures while Dave bended, pushed, pulled and tried not to slice off his fingers.

After all the bending was done, it was time for Dave to solder the ends together.


And then it cools.

And like me...I have a cookie cutter.

Guess I owe him $10.00.  I'll pay AFTER I actually use it to make cookies.  It could be faulty you know.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Cookie of the Month Club

I made up my own "Cookie of the Month Club" - but the only recipient is my grandmother.


You'll have to become friends with her or at least figure out where she lives to get the cookies each month.

Those are the rules.

And it was her Christmas present.

Once a month I am going to bake and decorate her one dozen cookies.

It's a win-win.

She gets a dozen cookies each month and I get practice.

So I plan on sharing each month's cookies in a "Cookie Club" post.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  No matter how they turn out.

Heck, I might even try out some new recipes for cookie flavors.

Who's a better guinea pig than my Grandmother?

Well, other than my husband who also enjoys free cookies.

So with that...I'll leave you...because I need to come up with an idea for her first month!

Friday, January 4, 2013

A True Talent!

This is something that I think is AMAZING.

Seriously, I stumbled upon this blog via Facebook (see, something good does happen with Facebook) and this lady amazes me.

You have to check out her blog...but even more so look at this cookie she made.

Her website can be found by clicking here!

Enjoy a true work of cookie art!