Monday, April 21, 2014'd it sneak by?

Easter was yesterday.  I'm totally aware.

How is this month going so quickly?  It feels like it was just Valentine's day.  Wow.

This year, I was on the ball.  I made Easter cookies.

I made lots o' Easter cookies.  Mainly for a booth at a "spring fling" event the weekend before Easter, but it fed right on into the week before for people who wanted some last minute cookies!

So to make lots 'o cookies I had to make lots o' frosting.



Talk about hand cramping.

I have been wanting to make Easter peeps, cookie form of course, and this was the closest cutter I had.

And no Easter would be complete with carrots. Lots and lots of carrots.

And from there I just tried out a bunch of different options!

Here's the booth.  It's pretty.  With lots of levels hiding underneath all the fabric.  I can make an 8 ft table work to hold 300 sugar cookies no problem.  Challenge accepted.

I'm proud to say all of the cookies were sold.  Gone.  It was great.

And hopefully everyone enjoyed the cookies!

Happy Easter!  Better late than never right?

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Cookie Dump #762

It seems like all I do is just put photos up with little or no explanation. And looks like I'm going to do that again.

I had a bunch of orders this week.  Cameras for a Photography studio opening, paintball cookies for a birthday boy, golf cookies for a Happy 4th Birthday celebration, and some Under the Sea cookies for a little ladies 3rd birthday.

Without further adieu...get your scrolling finger ready...


Phew.  My hand cramps just looking at it all again!

Now...onto Easter cookies!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

It's a Wrap & a Recap - Part 3

It's the final hear the musical theme song too right?

No? Maybe this will refresh your memory. Listen to it while you look at the rest of the pictures from CookieCon.



And sadly, that's all I have.

But it was a great convention.  Who would have thought talking about cookies for four days would be that exciting?!