Monday, November 26, 2012

Yep, he's 40

A customer recently asked if I'd be willing to make 100 cookies for a 40th birthday party.

But not just any party.

It was a surprise party.

In Kansas City.

And I live in Omaha, Nebraska.

No pressure right?

All she asked was that I do something that had the number 40 on it and that was it.

I like those kind of requests.

Her husband's name is Jeff - so I decided to do some "J" cookies as well.

All in the 40th birthday theme.

From what I hear the party was a success. And I don't think there were many leftover cookies.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Put On Your Learning Caps

It's time for a class.

But you won't be graded. 

Or have to take a test.

And you don't have to study.

Plus you get to eat your work.

Don't you wish all classes were like this?  I would be a genius.

A genius I tell you.

For this class you learn how to make, bake and decorate cookies.

Now who's interested?!

This past Saturday a group of women gathered for a fun activity of decorating sugar cookies. 

We started the morning off with a quick live-action tutorial on making the dough, rolling out cookies to specific thicknesses, and baking along with making the royal icing and all the tricks I've learned along the way.

I'm quick to point out that I didn't come up with many of these tricks...I'm just to conduit to pass them along.

Big word: conduit.

Sorry, back to the real reason you're reading this.

The cookie class was fun.  At least I thought it was.  10 people and two hours proved to be just perfect for showing them the ropes and then letting them loose with 6 cookies each to decorate.

I pre-baked a bunch of fall themed sugar cookies for the class plus colored multiple bottles of royal icing so everything was ready to go.

And away they went!

These were my samples that I used to show them how to make and decorate cookies...and did some hands on demonstrations before they were turned loose!

Overall, I think they enjoyed the Saturday morning class.  I know I did.

And at least everyone got to eat cookies afterwards.

Monday, November 12, 2012

It's a Boy

A friend asked if I'd make cookies for a baby shower she was hosting this past Minnesota.

So not only did I get to make baby boy cookies but I also had to fret about getting them shipped up to Minneapolis. 

From the moment I drop the package off at the post office...I don't really breath completely until I know the package has been delivered safe.

The cookies however were the fun part.  My friend told me that the parents were decorating the nursery in a sock monkey theme and blue colors.  So she asked that I keep with that theme.  And I did.

I think.

You can be the judge.

And while this might not seem like it fits - it goes with the sock monkey theme I spoke about before.

Good news....the package made it safely.  And I think in one piece!

5 Points for the United States Postal Service.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Suey & Her Knee

One of my mothers close friends had knee surgery this past week.

And what heals a knee fast?

Yes, you're right.  Cookies.

Forget the medicine.  Sugar yourself up so you can't feel the pain.

That's my motto.

I made a quick dozen "get well cookies" for Suey (her name is really Sue but I think I've grown up hearing her kids call her Suey for so long it's just normal now) and my parents dropped them off today before they headed downtown to cheer on the Huskers to victory.

So Suey, I hope these at least brought you some joy and heals that knee fast!  Just don't eat them all in one sitting.  I suggest try to make them last at least an hour.

If you can't tell it's a a brace...

I like spelling out the obvious.

Happy healing!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thanks for Understanding...

Friends of ours recently purchased a new home and before even moving in started construction on an addition to their house.  So there were lots of trucks, construction and a dumpster that was in their front yard.

They figured that now that the construction is done they'd take cookies to their closest four neighbors saying "thanks for understanding." One dozen for each neighbor to enjoy!

Originally they asked me to make Halloween cookies but I wasn't to give them the cookies until after Halloween was over.  I made the executive decision to do "construction" cookies instead. Thankfully they are close friends of ours so I knew they'd be ok with my design change.

I went with...

A shovel.

A hammer.

A saw.

And a dumpster.

It was red to match the real life sized one that sat outside in their front yard.

I think they look pretty nifty.

Who doesn't want to eat a dumpster cookie?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Little Baby...

Loves cookies.

At least I think they do.

A friend asked if I'd make cookies for a baby shower she was throwing for her sister-in-law.

And I think they turned out pretty cute.

And I hope everyone at the party enjoyed the cookies!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Wedding Bells are Ringing

A co-worker asked if I'd make cookies for a dinner she was hosting at her house in honor of a couple who had recently gotten married.

And I said yes.

It was a perfect time to use a new dress cookie cutter I bought.  And a new ring cutter.

I have a problem buying new cookie cutters.

It's like crack.

From what I heard they all enjoyed the cookies and the happy couple took home the extras to enjoy!

Sunday, November 4, 2012


A friend asked if I'd made cookies for new neighbors that just moved in next door.

And she gave me free reign on the design.

So I went with the obvious.


Little houses to be exact.

And a little key.

It doesn't open anything though.

Here's the "in action" shot...the packaging part that is.

I hope they enjoyed them.  They were fun to make!