Friday, February 27, 2015

Over. The. Hill.

Fortieth birthday cookies are purely entertaining to make. Maybe that's because I'm not 40 yet (close but not yet).

I had a client who's husband requested my cookies for his 40th Birthday - and we decided to go with the standard black and white motif.  True "over-the-hill" theme.

I had planned on using my airbrush to add some background fun on the plaque cookies. Only when I was cleaning it out...I lost the teeny-tiny piece that goes by the trigger.  Down the drain.  I almost cried. Actually I cursed.  Loudly.  But it didn't bring back the lost piece.  Sidenote: anyone know if you can buy pieces to airbrushes?

Either way I think they still turned out pretty neat.  Yes, neat "over-the-hill" cookies.


Happy 40th Birthday Ryan.  I hope you had a great day!

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