Friday, July 15, 2011

Flowers & Worms

A very close friend of mine asked if I'd do cookies for her little boy's birthday this weekend.  I jumped at the chance...not only because I like making cookies but because I love her and her son!

The twist to the cookie making is that these cookies had to be for a little boy AND his 90 year old great-grandma.  Kristen, my friend, came up with a great little ditty that she put on his invites and inspired the cookies I ended up making.

Flowers are pretty, worms are slimy
both are great to celebrate a little boy and his great grandma's birthdays!

So here you can, worms, bees and caterpillars. 

Did you notice what I forgot on the caterpillar?  Yeah...his antennas.  Oops.

Happy Birthday Mr. Wyatt!
And Happy Eats to you all...

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