Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Huskers are Dancin'

We haven't danced since 1998.

It's been awhile.

I'm not talking about ballroom dancing.  Or the waltz.

We, the Husker faithful, haven't been to the NCAA basketball tournament since 1998.

Nebrasketball is making a comeback.  And it's so incredibly exciting.

You could tell on selection Sunday when they cut to a team as their name was called those teams who repeatedly and routinely get NCAA tournament bids...and those who didn't.

Nebraska was one of the latter.

Click below to watch it

It was pure joy.  And I can guarantee you that the decible level in the state of Nebraska went up for that one minute after it was announced.

So as we are set to play Baylor tomorrow, Friday, down in San Antonio, these cookies are my attempt to cheer on the team.

I'll be wearing red at CookieCon, searching for a tv around game time or continuously checking my phone because that's what a Nebrasketball fan does. 

We cheer. We wear red. We believe.

And we dance. 

Go Big Red.  

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