Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ahoy Matey...

Arrrrrggggg...I can't believe it.

I'm just shocked I haven't posted these pictures.

I did...kinda...on Instagram...and it went onto my Facebook page.  But it never got here.

And for that I'm sorry.

Thankfully cookie photos don't go bad.  And neither do cookies if you freeze them, but who keeps them around long enough to do that?

I was asked by a friend to make cookies for her son's third birthday.  Who, from what I understand, was having a pirate birthday party. 

What is better than that?

Nothing.  Except in cookie form.

The birthday boy's mother asked for just a few cookie designs...but because I grew up with her...and because this was such a fun request I went a little overboard. 

Ok.  A lot overboard.

How can you not when it's such an awesome theme?

So without any further adieu I bring you...Finn's Pirate Birthday cookies!


Arrrrrggggg swashbucklers - we hope Finn had a fantastic birthday.  Even if it was back in June.

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