Monday, September 8, 2014

Cookies to Cambridge

Waaaaaaaaaaaay back in May.  Yes, I did say May.  I'm a little behind on posting.  Did you notice?

So, back in May I was contacted about making cookies for a birthday...specifically a birthday for this ladies son and husband.  One who was turning 25 and the other was turning 70.  You can figure out which age goes with which person.

They were planning on celebrating the dual birthdays by going to a Cleveland vs. Red Sox game on June 14th.

So they wanted birthday baseball cookies.

Yes.  Birthday and Baseball.  Meld it together and what do you get?


I thought it was a pretty good combination...and apparently they did too.  I got a great email after they had shipped to Cambridge, Massachusetts (and I prayed a lot for safe delivery) that the family and most importantly the birthday boys loved them.

Go Sox!

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