Thursday, February 13, 2014

I (heart) you....and stuff

The and stuff part speaks to the Hello Kitty cookies.  Technically they were for a little girl to take to school for her Valentines party but Hello Kitty isn't just regulated to the Valentine's holiday, she's an all occasion kind of cat.

She started out plain, but all good Hello Kitty's need a solid white background before they can go out into society.  It'd be like going out without your makeup on and that's just plain crazy.

Then I added in a red eye. I lied.

It's the start of her bow.  The center to be exact.  God bless Sugarbelle and her tutorials or this would have turn out way worse.

And here's where you close your eyes and imagine what it would look like if I had taken pictures of the next few decorating steps.

Keep those ideas in mind and then look at the final picture.

Good imagination on your part huh?

However, don't fret.  Because boy do I have lots o'pictures of the other "standard" valentines cookies I made.

I mean it's not Valentine's Day without a heart right?

Funny story.  I had posted the finished picture of the heart above on my Facebook page.  And my mother, who is out of town, posted that "you should make those."  Ummm...I did.  Silly mom.  I'll let her off the hook - she's in Mexico on vacation so maybe their Internet is different down there.  #itsnotdifferentbuti'mtryingtobenice.

So back to more heart pictures.  I made these too mom.

So there you have it.  Cookies.  For Valentine's Day.

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