Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ready Or Not...CookieCon Here I Come!

Ready or not...Salt Lake I come.

With some cookies that are packaged up tighter than Fort Knox.

I've spent more time worrying and deciding and figuring out what to enter for the CookieCon Sugar Show that it became something I dreamed about.

Honestly, I dreamed about piping frosting.

That's when I knew I had a problem.

Who dreams about that?  Wow.  Pathetic.

I guess it's better than the dream you have where you're falling or running afraid from someone.  So I'll take piping frosting.

Back to the Sugar Show.

There are four categories:

  • Spring: It's that time of year- flower are blooming!
  • Once Upon a Time: Let fairy tales, fables and stories inspire.
  • Home Sweet Home: Where are you from?  Represent your hometown, state or country.  What makes your home special?
  • Anything Goes: Let your imagination run wild!  (Must be G or PG rated!)
  • Mystery Shape: The shape will be unveiled and decorated AT CookieCon!

So after searching for ideas and deciding what I thought I could actually accomplish I picked a Lion & Lamb for Spring, a Frog Prince for Once Upon a Time, Herbie Husker for Home Sweet Home, and a Gingerbread House for Anything Goes.

Executing all those were a different story.

If you're been following me on Facebook, you've seen my trials and tribulations, mainly with one entry...that dang Herbie Husker.

He was mighty difficult.


And his face.  Oh his face.  He looked like he'd ran into a wall going 60 mph.  And it was a brick wall.


They were embarrassing.  So bad that I threw those four away and started all over.

Yes, I did.  And thankfully the second round looked better.

So without further adieu here are the action shots.

And then I finally got around to decorating (and dreaming about decorating)...

Then I had a few mishaps. Good thing I had decorated four at the same time so I could pick the best options.

Then I went to Herbie Husker...twice...the are of the first round that all got thrown away.

Sidenote: For those of you who aren't from Nebraska, Herbie Husker is the mascot of the Nebraska Huskers and has become the pseudo state mascot. 

Apparently I didn't take any pictures of the spring lion and lamb.  Well, I took a few and posted them on Facebook...but I forgot to use my nice camera to take some in-progress ones!

But overall I'm pretty happy with what I'm turning in for the CookieCon 2014 Sugar Art Show...

Packaged up...with more bubble wrap than a box should have...and they're being carried on.  This is handheld delivery to Salt Lake City.

Oh and I'm taking cookie cutters along too.  Why? Well, they have a table where you can participate in a cutter swap.  Thus the "leave a cutter, take a cutter" - so I'm taking what I have doubles of.  All of these I have two of.  I'm secretly really excited for this little table.

And some business cards.  I think I might want to have a few of those on hand.

So now, I pack.  And I get on a plane tomorrow!  Stay tuned for more updates.  And a huge picture dump after I get home.  I'm thinking I should possibly pack a second suitcase so I can shop at the vendor booths too.


  1. these are gorgeous!!! have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Those are amazing! Good luck...keep us posted on how it goes!

  3. Good luck, you have an amazing talent!